End of an era…? (o.o)

So, starting about a day or so ago Linden Lab triggered the end of all account surnames for new joiners.  So, a little bit of something fun is gone.  (._.)

When I started in SL, you could gaze down a list of surnames that would come and go at the whim of the labbies.  Nice real names like Sullivan and Rhode.  Funky silly names like Fall and… Well… Sideways. =^-^=

As time went on it seems as though the labbies weren’t so happy with people making silly names out of existing surnames, so, the reg process was changed so that you’d be forced to enter the first name first and it would pop you with a more limited list.  Cool names were still possible, but, it took more luck… Or a friendly RegAPI site. XD

I know I totally made a buttload of silly names.  Indoorsman Dagger, Jumpand Fall, Alternative Mode, Lowbridge Highwater, and of course Imnotgoing Sideways!  =^-^=

Whelp, that’s all bloody over now. (=_=)

Now, you get one name entry field where you can put just about any letter or number.  Account names have now become meaningless markers which are bound to be loaded with AOLish nomenclature as time goes on.  (>_<)

Say hello to Jane69xxx125… She’s gonna be your escort for the night. =^-^=

Oh, hang on, we got display names now. (O.o)

Okay, so now your name can be practically anything.  I’ve already set mine to “Immy”.  It’s… there.  My account name has been reduced to (imnotgoing.sideways).  My proper capitalization and opportune name pick is now just background account information. (._.)

With it comes a ton of fears. DX

I’m “Immy”… Okay, someone else sets their name to “Immy”.  *YAWN* no? (=_=)

Well… Hang on a minute.  When someone pays my vendor or buys something I got up for sale, they need to be sure they’re paying the right Immy.  So, how will they know?  Well I, for one, am gonna make a sign that I gotta put at every store as a pointer to say, “ONLY PAY Immy(imnotgoing.sideways)”  GAH!! DX

Ooh… Hang on.  That’s one more WASTED bloody prim in my store and a L$10 upload fee for the graphic.  DEVIOUS! DX

I can’t say it’s my favorite move the labbies have done.  But, what’s done is done.  SecondLife goes on. (-_-)

Oh, and, I already registered an alt named “Immy”. =^-^=

About Imnotgoing Sideways

I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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10 Responses to End of an era…? (o.o)

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  2. Ashiri says:

    Creating silly names actually became more fun when SL changed the reg process. I could spend an hour trying out new combinations while chatting with friends who were playing the same game. Lag Frenzy is still one of my favourites from that time.

  3. Asami says:

    Personally I think Display Names are pretty great and simply a tool to encourage more wild and out-there names (as well as to enable foreign people to have names in their native language).
    The only thing I don’t like about them right now is all the stubborn people who refuse to use a current and proper viewer to support them. I can’t tell you how many folks are still too dense to know what they are.

    • Solar Legion says:

      Ahem …. While Display names are a great function, the “Current” client program is anything BUT “proper”.

      It’s a glorified web browser – if I actually wanted to access SL through a web browser, I’d find someone to recode Firefox.

  4. Naomi Skosh says:

    This is indeed very sad. I semi-like the idea of display names when used appropriately — which griefers won’t and a few bad apples, or the many bad apples, will ruin the experience for everyone else… but I digress — but doing away with the whole last name thing makes me sadface.

  5. Calica Siamendes says:

    what’s an alt?

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      In my case:

      Indoorsman Dagger

      Imnotgoing Sideways =^-^=

      Jumpand Fall

      Yuudonta Naidoo


      Bloody Hermit


      Phil Pedalo

      Glass Gearz

      Krystalle Melodie

      Alternative Mode


      Yuko Ogura

      Chevy Luv

      Lowbridge Highwater

      Tenten Tenenbaum

      Testing Nirvana




  6. Calica Siamendes says:

    omg Chevy Luv. precious.

  7. Theoretical Schism says:

    [15:12] Suspended 4 Exposing a Loophole (theoretical.schism) has a new display name 8-)

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      I’ve heard of that happening before. Someone will show a labbie a potentially dangerous exploit, gets suspended, and no thanks after the bug is fixed. (=_=)

      …While others have contributions that they’re afraid to demonstrate, so the labbies refuse to address it because ~THEY~ don’t know how to duplicate it. (=_=)

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