Jeebus crust in a blender!!! (O_O)

So, now, the guy that made managing zoning regulations fun is on the LL board of directors. (O.o)

This is crazy.  I think my confusion and fear is at the same peak as my optimism.  Or, as Rod said, “good or bad, it will be glorious”… Yeah, looks like he’s standing by those words. =^-^=

Either way, I don’t quite know what to expect SL to turn into from here on out.  But I do expect it to be quite fun.  And, that’s what I’m here for.  If SL wasn’t fun, I’d go back to my anime bittorrent rut… Or stick with Eve? … I dunno.  Anyway, the reason I’m in SL at this point is because I enjoy it. (^_^)

Now, what’s next?  I’m seeing a rather peaceful coup of Maxis/EA going on in the lab.  Is this going to lead to SL turning into a game?  I think not.  They can’t, in my point of view.  SL content is resident created.  All the Labbies really do is provide the tools while ~we~ make the content. (^_^)

… I kinda hope. (O.o)

But, I can smell the glorious.  I’ve come to the conclusion that Rod is crazy like a fox.  My optimism is unshaken.  Particularly given that he has delivered some things quite quickly already. XD

SL is meant to be fun and we’re starting to find fun-makers beginning to fill the top ranks of the organization.  Excuse me while I wring my hands and settle into a creepy grin. >8D



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