Instant glorious. Just add… what was already there. (O.o)

So, 3.2 went from dev to beta in what, 3? 4? days? (o.O)

Okay, not good. DX

For one, there are some really glaring flaws.  Inventory scroll bars don’t get the focus they need to respond properly to mousewheels.  (>_<)

There’s no ‘nice’ place to put the chat bar.  It can’t docked and its header tab covers the lowest line of console chat if it’s placed in the far corner. (=_=)

IM toasts are nice in the upper right corner, but, it still behaves as though it’s in the bottom.  That gets confuzzling. DX

Finally, window positions and browser bar width go forgotten.  I like the favorites bar, but, it gets crowded out with the default layout.  I move the divider and it returns home after I relog. (T_T)

So, Labbies, please keep this in beta for a while.  It’s a good change, yes.  But if the crown jewels were to be encrusted in horse poop… People will still notice the poop first. DX

It’s the little things, ya’know? (^_^)y

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