Hype Engine V3 (=_=)

Okay, come on… (=_=)

When Windlight hit, we got version 1.19. (^_^)

… I don’t quite remember what 1.20 gave us… (O.o)

When we got a major fundamental change in UI along with some new features, we got 2.0. (^_^)

But… Now…

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COME ON!!! (=_=)

I’ve been in this client for over an hour now and I can’t find enough change in the UI or functionality to justify revisioning it beyond 2.9… (=_=)

Well… Maybe one thing. =^-^=

It’s mesh capable. (^_^)

So, I can see it already… XD


But, really.  That’s how I see it.  Come the release of mesh as a non-beta non-RC item… They’re surely going to want a hype engine to push and promote it as much as possible. (=_=)

But, really?  Quite cheezy, if you ask me. (=_=)y



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1 Response to Hype Engine V3 (=_=)

  1. Mesh is a pretty big deal for SL. Wait ’til someone who’s really good with modeling starts designing sims or something.

    Hell with a little time I bet I could do some pretty awesome stuff. Way more than can be done with prims and sculpts.

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