3, 2, 1, 0.75… (^_^)

Here’s yet another mesh to replace prior prim work.  (^_^)

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A friend had 3 rounded steps made from 3 cylinder prims.  As we were looking into the prim budget of the sim, the curiosity came as to how much we could reduce it.  (^_^)

This is what I plan to do a lot of.   Reproduce pre-existing prim builds in order to improve efficiency and save on prim counts.  =^-^=

So, what did I achieve here?  Well… For one… a PE of 0.75.  Just on sheer face count alone combined with 3 LOD models and a hand-made physical form, I made what was once 3 prims less than a prim! XD

Also, like my picket fence, I took advantage of the capabilities of UV mapping to provide surfaces which would take on pre-existing inworld textures just fine.  =^-^=

So… Project is a success! (^_^)

I’m sure other mesh builders will feel free to make super-high-detail beasties and epic fine-grain meshes to do things prims and sculpts have never done before.  As for me, I’m going to make simple utilitarian items to replace prims with far more efficient items.  (^_^)

Gonna munch me some lag! (^_^)y

Oh… Just for the heck of it… Here’s a copy of the Blender project for the steps. =^-^=


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2 Responses to 3, 2, 1, 0.75… (^_^)

  1. Dale Innis says:

    Oohhh, objects that are <1 PE? Nice!

  2. Ashiri says:

    Yay for proving the nay-sayers wrong!
    When ever someone bitched about the PE of a mesh, the first question I asked was “Is is optimised yet?” =^_^=

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