Please do take care on your extended break, Brinda.


When I saw a link from Twitter leading to a blog post entitled “Namaste Brinda”, Nothing else had to be said.  I immediately felt the devastation.

During my second runin with Prokofy, at Sutherland Dam, I had arrived because of a forum invitation saying that there would be a discussion about online anonymity.

I had arrived rather early.  Typical of my fashion.

A few other early-birds already had taken their seat.  One of them being Brinda Allen.  She immediately and kindly engaged me in conversation which we shared our ideas of how the conversation would go.

I had what I’d call a 20% chance of being summarily ejected because, at the time, Prok had a dislike for me that I didn’t quite grasp yet.

It didn’t take long.  I was ejected.

I followed up in IMs with Brinda.  Both of us agreeing what will be, will be.  She offered friendship and that began a series of IMs and infrequent meetups here and there.

We weren’t day-to-day friends.  But, when she approached me, it was all in kindness.

I’ve gone to a few parties she hosted at her estate.  She so frequently came to me for technical information in SL.  And, she introduced quite a few people to the classes I teach for NCI.

She enjoyed being helpful and applauded anyone else’s efforts to help.

She was very supportive of those who did the same.

After a while I found her blog where she spoke of her happenings and goings on as the days went by, always including photos of places from around the world entitled “Where we come from” and always ending with “Namaste नमस्ते” as a graceful return to the ins and outs.

Her avatar was tall.  Very tall.

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Here eyes were big… Huge, even.

Her heart was no less enormous.

She will be missed.

To Brinda,  Namaste.


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