Haters gonna hate. =^-^=

So, I’m poking around the forabloggotwitplurkosphere and I’m seeing a few certain individuals have resorted to obsessing about hate.  (^_^)

“Hate”… That’s a pretty intense word.  “To dislike intensely and/or passionately” was the most concise definition I could find in under 30 seconds.  (^_^)

Now, sure, I spent a few years in self doubt, self loathing, and obsessed over where I was welcome or not.  But, never in my own knowledge did I openly say anyone hated me.  In addition, I don’t believe I’ve ever said I hate anyone.  In fact, I’ve iterated quite often that I don’t hate.  It’s just how I am.  I’m lazy.  Hate takes too much energy.  It’s an active thing that you have to consciously participate in.  I’m not prone to being that active.  (^_^)

So, what am I to think when I see someone say “They hate me” or “You hate me” or “The people that hate me”?  If you’re a roleplayer, I’m sure you know what God Modding is.  It’s a form of taking unfair control in a scene.  Often it involves describing the actions and reactions of the other person.  Well… “You hate me” is a God Mod.  It’s applying a forced active feeling upon another person which most likely they’d disagree with. (^_^)

I’d even go further into the reality of accusing others of hate directed at you as a form of projection.  The Hate-me-er often behaves like a snarling beast pointing out how evil and dastardly everyone else is except they them-self.  The Hate-me-er often has an easy time making umbrella descriptions of their supposed haters.  And, the best part is, the supposed haters are all looking around the room wondering what all the hubbub is about. (^_^)

It’s also a grand way of dehumanizing.  To consider, my guess is that the Hate-me-er is trying to establish an enemy where there is none.  So, even pointing and laughing becomes an “attack”.  Heckling becomes a “crime”.  And, every attack perpetuated by the Hate-me-er is a “push back”.  Because, of course, they’re reacting to the beasts that hate them… right?  Obviously not thinking creatures or they’d be pandering to your pleasures… right?  (O.o)

… And here we go again… Looking around the room wondering what all the hubbub is about. (^_^)

From the looks of things, it takes a hater to obsess about hate.  The mind that thinks any number of people are the enemy is surely not a mind at peace with the world.  Blind rage, I’d say.  (=_=)

“Blind rage”… I can work with that.  (^_^)

How about… You are in a room with friends.  If you were to close your eyes and simply start swinging your arms at anything you could collide with, everyone suddenly seems like an enemy.  They’re out there, looking at you, defending themselves, trying to get on, and wondering what the hell you’re doing.  As long as you keep your eyes closed, you’ll only find bodies to collide with and feel their defensive moves as threats upon yourself.  Which, probably to no end, will drive you to simply swing harder.  (>_<)

Well… There is an end.  If you were to open your eyes, you’d see that you are surrounded by people who very likely love you, yet, aren’t willing and/or capable of dealing with the battering you’re delivering.  (._.)

If you were to open your eyes, you’d see the confusion on practically everyone’s face.  They’re just like you only they can see. (>_<)

Of course, the crying shame is if you have two blind people in the same room.  Because, now they pose a genuine threat.  Not only has the potential for damage doubled, each blind person actually has an attacker to deal with.  As the heat of the swinging, flailing, and battering continues; the crowd surrounding will surely pickup more damage as a result.  While it would be just fine for at least one of the two to open their eyes, the optimum situation would be that all eyes are opened.  But, that’s a dream. (._.)

A “dream”… Some of us almost enjoy having our eyes closed.  Many of us are unaware we’re blind.  Just as many are aware, yet, don’t know what it takes to see.  (._.)

We all spend our times in blindness, I’m sure of it.  That doesn’t make it a good state to be in.  Particularly if that’s the way you decide to function your whole life.  (>_<)

So, when thinking about the people who “hate” you, try to notice how blinded you are.  There will be a person or people somewhere who genuinely hate, you’ll see them with your eyes open.  But, the remainder… We can account for ourselves, thankyouverymuch.  We’re not your enemy. (^_^)

So… Got Hate? (^_^)y

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6 Responses to Haters gonna hate. =^-^=

  1. I personally just randomly say that everyone hates me without meaning it. They might not be particularly fond of me, but I know they don’t hate me. :3

    On the other hand, if someone says I hate them, I probably do, or will, at least for a minute. XD

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