From amazons to Amazon (O.o)

I’m still trying to figure out what the lab is actually doing with the whole thingie.  I mean, what does either get from there being small amounts of cash-money offerings of items.  Some items being “Premium Exclusive Gifts” at one point in time.  (=_=)

Not so exclusive now, huh!? (=_=)

But, really, is it SL seeking a broader audience?  Is it Amazon finding a new revenue source?  I see that the Amazon market is already connected to Direct Delivery.  I was able to get the freebie hoverboard and L$1k before it got gamed and shut down.  Taking Crap Mariner’s advice, I donated the money to RFL. (^_^)

It’s a strange move, for sure.  In ways it’s humiliating because the content being offered is vehicles… The most difficult items in SL to make work right.  So, if they’re out for new people, showing them the base avatars and giving them a hoverboard/boat/buggy that rubbebrbands all over the place then flies into infinity once a simline is reached… Yeah… That’ll blow over like a fart in church. (>_<)

I also hear that the freebie hoverboard was US only.  Well, that’s no fun!  I’d love to hear the reasoning behind that. (=_=)

Rod!  You’re confuzzling your customers.  Talk to us, dood! (>_<)



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1 Response to From amazons to Amazon (O.o)

  1. Ghosty Kips says:

    Amazon is no stranger to small merchants. Heck, they have an affiliate program; you can’t get smaller than that. :)

    I think Rodvik is applying video-game marketing to SL, which of course isn’t going to work because SL is not a game in the traditional sense. You can sell virtual things from WoW, for example, because they have universal appeal in the environment; everyone in WoW is facing the same challenges, more or less. This is absolutely not true with SL.

    LL shouldn’t be offering items. SL is not an item-based game environment. LL should be offering things that appeal to the humans using the service – discounts on tier being chief among them.

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