Prim Sweet Home (^_^)

I’m suddenly in the mood to post an SL related topic again.  Whould’a thunk? (O.o)

So… Know much about moving?  Like, into a new house or apartment?  At first the place feels strange and empty.  Cardboard boxes all around.  You haven’t put anything on the walls yet.  Just a bit of a scatter of furniture strewn about. (o.o)

Well… Day by day, week by week, the place gradually becomes ‘home’.  Little things start finding their place.  The chairs go here, the throw rug goes there, and so on.  The place starts to become an extension of you. (^_^)

Well, I just noticed, pretty much the same thing applies in a SL home.. (O.o)

When I got my sim, I took a lot out to the side and set it to my personal/alt group.  Got a friend to provide a house I could plant there.  Then I left it be for a while.  I spent much of my time in my hilltop cave/thing. (^_^)

But, if I got furniture, I’d place it in the house.  Or, if something crossed my fancy, I’d add it to the place.  In the end….

Well, that ain’t half bad, is it? =^-^=

And the other direction for measure. (^_^)

… And I look around the room.  The TV and drawers were simple low-prim things to just fill space while it was still empty.  The pictures were mostly carry overs from my old cookie Jar basement (Which still happens to be there). (^_^)

But, then I look at the things which came with time.  The piano was a gift from a forum friend who wanted to congratulate and reward me for seeking help.  The calendar, which just so happens to be on its final month, is the Second Citizen pinup.  Made 2 years ago with the half-joking doubt that SL would last so long.  I was in August 2011.  There were flowers I’d pick up now and then.  The teddy bear.  A gift for donating L$ to the Japan Tsunami charity.  All things gathered, day by day, as I essentially called this place ‘home’. (^_^)

Downstairs I have photography and art from friends of mine.  It’s their own original work.  And I could keep going without even hitting my prim limit just yet. (o.o)

It’s just pixels.  Polygons and pixels.  But, when I’m in it, I’m at home.  Home within a home… Since it looks best at my personal desktop. (^_^)y


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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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4 Responses to Prim Sweet Home (^_^)

  1. Adromaw says:

    That is actually pretty awesome. Even better that some of the items have a history attached that make it all the more ‘home’.

  2. I am going through a similiar cycle. Just moved to a larger parcel in a mainland area. Only recently finished the elevator system in it. Whole building planned to be shop on lower floors and living space in the upper floors. Beginning to add the furniture to it.

  3. Bunjie says:

    I saw this on your mySL, I didn’t really say much then but it did make me want a stable place of my own, I’ve had my head in the clouds for a while performing the wandering / temp skybox routine, this since I was evicted but now I think I’m ready to settle down :3 <3 lol

    Thanks for opening up and sharing.

  4. NotoriousD says:

    That is a very nice looking house. The quality of the textures is not something I saw every day in my time in SL. I hope you enjoy it. I too did that in SL, sitting in places I could call my home in SL, even if it was just a temporary place to hang out.

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