Walls. (o.o)

This just kinda sparked on me as I was leaving a comment on a blog.  After writing up the comment I had to select an account to post under.  The selections were reasonably prominent sites like Google and Twitter.  So, cool. (^_^)

Then, I had to fill out a Captcha.  Hmm… I don’t mind.  At least it wasn’t one of those epic complicated and scrambled ones that take a few trys to get right.  So, cool. (^_^)

Then, instead of seeing my comment in place, I see a message telling me that my comment will be visible after being approved.  That’s fine.  It was just a comment.  So, cool. (^_^)

But, wow… As much as I can jump each hurdle without problem or complaint… That was quite a few hurdles.  So, hmmmm… I get to thinking. (-_-)

Oh, if you’ve checked out the blogorum lately, they’re getting spammed again! XD

Like, some monies scam or trade or whatever.  It got to the point where they pushed all the legit posts off the front page.  Frigg’n wicked bold, that. (^_^)

So, I mention to my friends… Dude! My own bloody blog has better spam protection than that… And, it’s really only one service plus one default rule.  Akismet reports that it has protected me from nearly 300 spams.  It’s a good system. (^_^)

Same goes for LL Blogs, Youtube videos and such… Even to the point where comments are totally shut off for certain postings. (>_<)

We all have our walls. (._.)

It’s been easier to clearly define them as well.  Especially on an internet driven by mute, ignore, kick, ban, disconnect.  We can seal ourselves up in our comfortable homes and flame away while plugging our virtual ears from any response. (>_<)

Now, it’s not all a bad thing… Because, there are a whole bunch of other people doing the same.  And, who want’s to be flamed?  (>_<)

Then, there are the spammers.  Just saying stuff because they can.  Offering links to yourdickcangetlonger.com or whatever.  I can’t believe they’re delusional enough to think that it’s even a borderline viable form of advertising anymore.  Force feeding information to people who basically don’t want it.  (=_=)

But, that’s just it.  In protecting ourselves, we have become more and more psychologically aggressive.  If you want to get through to someone, you have to compare their stance to Nazism.  People take offense to extremes, even so much as comparing the termination of an account as some sort of “death”.  (O.o)

I dunno.  I’m surely guilty of my share of flaming too.  But mute, ignore, kick ban… I reserve those things.  My current mute list, empty.  My estate ban list, empty.  Even here on my blog, how many hoops does anyone have to jump through to post here?  As far as I know, they  just gotta offer an Email address and get past my great Akismet guard doggie. =^-^=

I wonder what causes this threshold, though.  I can be with a friend and someone is harassing us.  I think nothing of it and often just laugh.  Whereas, my friend will be troubled by it.  We clearly have different thresholds.  It’s not a bad thing, but, it changes how we react to the same situation.  And, a lot, if not all, of the grief we get from the situation is based on how we react. (^_^)

Like I said… I dunno.  =^-^=

At the same time… My site, my rules.  I got this host so that I can be as unrestricted as possible.  I think, keeping the walls down in comment blocking is sort of my return in favor for being able to say whatever I want.  Tit for tat, y’know? (^_^)

Why I’m still behaving myself is beyond me… (O.o)

Uhm… Next post may have porn in it, okies? =^-^=

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4 Responses to Walls. (o.o)

  1. Asami says:

    The problem is it actually DOES work.
    There was a person on the SL forums who made a mock spam post making fun of it, and she actually got a bunch of in-world responses asking where to get the linden dollars.

    The sad, sad truth is your average person is absolutely computer retarded, and people still haven’t (and likely never will) learn that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Oh, and that you can’t win a free fucking iPad if you didn’t enter any drawings to do so.

  2. Han Held says:

    I was so hoping for a yourdickcangetlongersowhycantthesetags tag Dx

    I think there’s something to what you’re saying about being more psychologically aggressive, though I’m old enough to have noticed that we started getting snarly to one another just about 20 years ago. Not that everything was peace and love before that, just that around 1991 or so we decided to stop being polite and start getting ‘real’ (more like ‘getting rude’, rudeness for the sake of rudeness is just as fake as being all smiley).

    tl;dr I don’t think the psychological aggression is as new as it might seem, it’s aggravated by the web, but I don’t think it’s caused by it.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      Truly. As catalysts go, the digital divide has been one of the greatest means of allowing us to display the worst in ourselves. But, in general, yeah… Each generation is slipping deeper and deeper in to a “me” culture. (._.)

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