Twinity – A brief second pass. (^_^)

I wanted to tinker with my AV more and see if I could apply my SL “Immy” face to this Twinity AV using their Make Face From Picture tool.  (^_^)

Well… I’m probably doing something wrong or pushing the limits of the import engine.  I’ve run it a few times, each time trying to be a bit more careful with the face alignment markers.  But… Each time I wound up with a porky nose! DX

Maybe I’ll try ~not~ using the side shot or take another one at a slightly different angle. (o.o)

So, anyway… After that I used the place/list/search thing to specifically look for a highly populated area.  What I found was… A brick box. (O.o)

Okay, in this brick box was a button to push to go ‘outside’… So I push it. (^_^)

… And wind up in a silly ‘skipping’ animation while suspended in mid air… Eh? (O.o)

I found that if I try to move, like walk or turn, I’d fall out of this animation… Then fall to the ground… Then fall through the ground… Then continue falling until I clip some off-world safety which springs me back to the brick room where I started. (O.o)

Aftar a few tries of that, I finally find myself on the ground and it seems physical enough to walk on. (^_^)

Oh, and loud music was streaming. (^_^)

… Quite loud… I couldn’t find a functional volume slider anywhere that would change it.  I’m not used to adjusting my speaker volume specifically for an app, so, that kinda threw me. (O.o)

But, hey! I found people! =^-^=

Nice and friendly ones, at that.  Not unlike the two doods I met in the Goth place the first time around. (^_^)

One of them nabbed me in IMs and gave me a bit of help.  She showed me how to change my AV name… So, now, “Imnotgoing” is “Immy”.  She showed me a couple more things I could do to pass more tutorial goals and gave me some suggestions for what I can do to better adjust to things. (^_^)

In the middle of that… Another IM comes in from someone asking if I’m look’n for some fun………. (O_o)

Okay, yeah, no. =^-^=

I eventually found her avatar and OH MAN!!! I can kinda tell that her priority was to make her boobs look as big as possible! XD

That aside, I pretty much hung out there and stayed in IMs with my helper until she had to go to bed.  (^_^)

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Oh, did I mention I found a super cute black and pink skirt? =^-^=

Alrighty… After all that, hopped back to my apartment to see if I could get that ceiling lamp to actually go on the ceiling.  (^_^)

One of the doods wanted to follow, so, sure.  Had no problem having him hop right in.  He was in the middle of helping me work out my ceiling lamp when I pretty much finally figured it out. (^_^)

By then, I was fix’n to get back into SL to finish off some things before going to bed, so I logged. (^_^)

It was fun… Pretty much my first run of complaints are still in place.  Depending on the mood I’m in, I’ll poke around at content creation and see what kind of a mess I can make. =^-^=

I’ll say one thing, though.  This has far greater potential for success than I’ve ever observed in Blue Mars.  It’s far too early to call it a SL killer, but, Avatar Reality is gonna have to seriously get their schzt together while something like this is in development. (^_^)y

About Imnotgoing Sideways

I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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