Unlag! (O_O)

Mkay, I started tinkering with the new project viewer for estate side windlight settings.


Windows Download

It’s cool.  I’m having fun with it.  But…


I mean it… It’s like someone found the “MAKE SL FSK’NG AWESOME” bit and toggled it.  Like… client_Lag_Off in debug settings.  Like, ZOMGWTFholycrapthisthingisfast! (O_O)

Here I am… In Ultra settings… 256Meter draw distance… AND I HAVE SHADOWS ENABLED!!! (O_O)

And… I CAN WALK! (O_O)


And… I’m frak’n almost hyperventilating with excitement over this newfound performance.  Honestly, this is a frame rate that I couldn’t even achieve while using Kirsten’s. (O_O)

Oh, add, I can take screenshots without crashing.  And, high-rez screenshots work again too.  Plus, it runs new-new search… Which I totally enjoy. =^-^=

This is the new look of lag for me. (^_^)

And, dood… It’s look’n goooooooooood. =^-^=

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8 Responses to Unlag! (O_O)

  1. Sean Williams says:

    I still won’t touch the mainline V2 ….. The assholes at Linden Lab ensured that those with visual impairments will have a hard time reading a damn thing in local chat.

  2. Add to this the group chat lag fix… which actually seems to be working. Weird times. Next we’ll cross regions without fear, or something

  3. Arianne says:

    Don’t fret, Linden Labs will find that no-lag bug eventually and fix it before the viewer makes it to live.

  4. Han Held says:

    Shadows are greyed out, presumably because my computer is a cheapo HP from 2007. I’m sad that I can not haves pretties ;_;

  5. Do you have “global illumination” turned on? If you do, and high-res photos work, that is good news indeed, because it means they’ve fixed VWR-24178.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      Oh, I haven’t turned on GI yet. Just shadows. In fact, shadow rendering is a default state for Ultra graphics in this client. (^_^)

  6. Ferd says:

    @Sean, try clicking the switch to make chat look like Viewer 1, all on one line, in tabs. It will look just like the old way of doing chat, only it works. This is quite unlike Phoenix’s double super secret encrypted chat thingy for IM that brags about how lousy it works in chat and then discards everything I’ve typed until I dig out the switch setting to turn it off again.

    I always load the next beta from the Lab to check it out, and performance has been somewhat spotty for me. All the V2’s since HTTP textures scream and look much better on both my machines, especially now when you crank up the cache to 10 gigs. Once it’s rezzed, it stays rezzed.

    I actually Like V2 now. Love the shared media, the chat is much faster, the graphics seem to be gamma corrected finally, and it just looks prettier. Imprudence, Phoenix and Hippo just look.. well, old and stale. I still can’t find the $%# mini-map, and I miss Phoenix avatar radar, but everything else has finally become intuitive.

    Then I went to a 70 avatar sim and EVERY texture got stuck in HTP state in the texture console. I never got any textures other than 4 half baked avatars in a timed 30 minutes, even with tricks like baking and changing groups and minimum draw. Phoenix rezzed the entire sim in 15 seconds on max draw and ultra mode on the exact same benchmark, which was a total deinstall and install and a login direct to the sim. Go figure.

    I think the Lindens will eventually dig down into the crappy UDP stack and fix the deadlocks and timeouts that make performance spotty. And maybe one day they will dig into the spaghetti OpenGL code and let me use OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects, which crash me on a (Linden recommended) GPU.

    How a noob can figure this out is beyond me.

    • Borealis Karski says:

      >I still can’t find the $%# mini-map

      I know it isn’t a button, but the keyboard shortcut ctrl-shift-m still opens the mini-map, as it always has ^_^

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