Unlag MKII! (O_O)

Okay, so that frigg’n unlaggy project client that came out yesterday?  Well DUDE!!! Looks like the rendering fixes made it to the main in 2.7.  (OoO)

I mean…

HolyfreakingJesusonapogostickWTFZOMGLMAOLOLcats!!! (O_O)

I also heard that one of the RC channels is getting group chat updates or something of the sort?  Either way, a few friends and I did a quick Ad-hoc and we felt like we were on a direct individual IM. (>_>)

Is this like, the first SLnB I seen where the labbies don’t screw up everything?  Or, dude! Can this get better? X3


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3 Responses to Unlag MKII! (O_O)

  1. The group chat fix is out on the servers now, so I hear – as you discovered. Nice to have actual useful group chat

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      Funny thing, that. I see that NCI, Concierge, and a few other chats are lightning quick… And, these are biiiiiiig groups. But, my little chat group of less than 100 members and usually no more than 10 online at a time still won’t connect or post in time… (._.)

  2. Han Held says:

    My only question is, whose doing is this –Rodvik’s, or the lab’s?

    I haven’t personally noticed anything really radical except that I haven’t had the dreaded “could not send your message” or “failed to start group conversation” messages for a little while now…

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