Why so silent? (._.)

Seems I left a big gap in my posts here.  Not that I’ve run out of things to say.  Just, the will to say them.  It’s just the way things are right now.  A lot of my closest friends have gone silent on me, particularly the one I depended on most.  In reading about BPD, this is one of the more major issues.  I’m supposed to have a support network of family and friends.  But, my instability drives away those who are helping me and my fears prevent me from accepting help from others.  A self defeating situation no matter which way you think of it.

In SL… I’m continuing on making mesh-for-efficiency builds.  Most of what I make resembles a classic prim build as a whole, until you take into account the PE values and overall efficiency improvements.  The stuff I make may look like same-ol-same-ol’ SL, but it sure doesn’t lag like it.  This past week I duplicated the middle 2 floors of a 4 floor building… Replacing what required over 38 prims with a single mesh with box prim windows carrying a LI of 20.  I plan to keep this up and continue with my prefab component idea.

Anyone who has visited my parcel in Brown can see what I’ve done so far.  They should also notice that I didn’t use mesh exclusively.  A box prim with no cut or hollow can still be a pretty efficient prim.  So, things like the floor, door, and roof aren’t mesh.  I’m using sculpted trees and furniture.  And, any scripted items will be standalone, like my unlinked door.

Though, I may go to mesh furniture.  It’s something I still need to work on.  Either finding a maker who keeps things to scale or working out my own items as I learn the ins and outs of Blender.

That said… Any ideas for interior decoration?  Curtains?  Tables?

Still… While keeping on projects is a good distraction to help me feel okay that my friends aren’t near by; I often can’t start or continue projects as long as I’m still worrying about why they’re not here.

I been spending some time in Minecraft and just activated a full time server in hope that I can share it with friends on their own time.  I’m playing it like I approach any other game.  I figure out the first 4 things I can do then do them over and over again.  So, playing solo gets boring fast.

I want to do Frigg’n Stuff videos more.  Anyone have any topic ideas?


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