Pick an age! Any age! (O.o)

Oh, boy… Here we go again. (=_=)

Mkay, so, there’s this thread:

Major Change To Age Verification

And there’s this grid update:

 Age Verification Error

And there’s that last blog post I wrote where I sent my day-old unverified alt to a Zindra joint without any effort at all. (O.o)

So, what’s this all mean? (o.O)

I don’t know if I should laugh, cry, or make a photocopy of my driver’s license with a picture of Zha Zha Gabor taped over my face… Just to see what would happen. (=_=)

But, boy howdy, the mixed messages.  From one end, I have an alt that can access all for no good reason.  Another, there’s this forum post which releases information that I can’t believe to be true. Finally, that status post which pretty much says the system is currently borked.  So, what now?  I’m baffled.  Who’s getting hit with what in the world of teh pixel seks? (=_=)

Oi, Linden Lab;  This is the crud we’re shouting about! (=_=)


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