A knowing leader (^_^)

So, I been at SLCC today.  I went to the two mesh panels and heckled as good as I can.  Had lunch with a few SL friends who I’ve met in-person for the first time.  And sat in while Rod gave his speech. (^_^)

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, and many other people say it; Rod gets it! (^_^)

Actually, to me, he spoke quite like an engineer and planner.  He didn’t have the PR-ish glaze over words that exec. staff typically have.  Best of all, he wasn’t afraid to be honest. =^-^=

While he directly avoided any talk about billing.  Come Q&A time, when questions about Open Source, the Viewer2 UI, and IP theft; he was quite frank.  (^_^)

Actually, he was pretty much quite even with the people that dislike V2.  He just out and admitted that he didn’t like it and found himself confused. “Fair enough!” XD

A really fun question was when someone brought up the old Community Gateway program.  He had no bloody clue what that was.  So, someone spelled it out to him, saying stuff about how the old communities worked and functioned as alternative start points to the Linden provided sims.  “Well, that’s a cool idea!” >8D

Here’s hope that this little quip is enough to convince him to revisit the idea. =^-^=

All in all me and the peeps around me came out of his speech feeling pretty good.  I gotta say I’m still confident.  Linden Lab appears to have quite the knowing leader in their ranks at the moment.  =^-^=

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  1. Ferd says:

    I must agree with you on this …Rod does get it. I thought it was an impressive and inspiring talk that made me feel good about the future instead of wondering what was going to get wrecked next.

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