L$ Not Authorized…? (O.o)

TOS update today.  Now, exchanging labbiemonies with RLmonies by any other service than the LL run Lindex has become “Not Authorized“.  (=_=)

To me, that’s a very open ended statement.  It reminds me of the lane-splitting that Cali motorcycle riders so enjoy.  Like, it’s not legal to ride between lanes of cars BUT!! It’s not illegal either. (O.o)

That is to say, feel free to do it but don’t come crying to us if you’re punished for it. (o.O)

Illegal lane use aside, what if “NA” now means that any other exchanges are banned.  What few I know of don’t seem to have a history of fraud.  Others aid in transferring monies from one grid to the next.  Sparing us the extra step of L$ >> $ >> ?$ real monies. (^_^)

What is being said here?  Let’s lookie at the official TOS text… (>.>)

Third party exchanges are not authorized by Linden Lab and Buying or Selling Linden dollars on third party exchanges are not authorized transactions. Third party exchanges are wholly distinct from both the LindeX exchange and Linden Lab and they have no affiliation with Linden Lab. We do not endorse or otherwise guarantee the legitimacy of the Linden dollar transfers offered on them, and we are not liable for purchases of such Linden dollars. Buying or Selling Linden dollars anywhere other than the LindeX is done so solely at your own risk. If you Buy Linden dollars that are traced to unauthorized credit card activity or other fraudulent activity, we will recoup these Linden dollars from your Account. The only authorized exchange is the LindeX.

What is this telling us?  How will they identify unauthorized activity?  Does this mean that using non Lindex exchanges could possibly lead them to simply take our monies away? (O.o)

It’s like, click any other button if you don’t not want to reject the exclusion of this clause. (=_=)


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4 Responses to L$ Not Authorized…? (O.o)

  1. Gideon McMillan says:

    They are just crossing the Ts and dotting the Is to keep L$ from being regulated as a currency. If it is ‘in game’ only, then there is no public exchange and no need for regulations.

  2. Nathan Adored says:

    Well, my hunch is it won’t help them not be regulated as a currency, since L$ still walk like a currency duck, quack like a currency duck….

    So, what happens with Virwox exchanges now? Or with buying L$ through Virwox? Virwox is almost as big in L$ currency exchange and the purchasing of L$ as LL itself.

  3. Imnotgoing Sideways says:

    … And it seems like Virwox is having a panic attack due to LL’s clear-as-mud policy change. (o.o)


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