Mingle much? (^_^)

It started here.  I figured it would be fun to post my desktop in a thread about desktops.  But, instead of a screen shot, I opted to take a picture of my screens.  Mostly because of the odd layout I use… At work. =^-^=

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So, yeah, that’s what my desk looks like at work.  Mind you, yeah, I have tons more applications running at any given time.  But, that’s my desktop. (^_^)

It’s part of my “mingling” of RL and SL.  I do a fair job of keeping both separate.  Most of my online identity cannot be traced back to the RL me except for historic reference… Where I was, and such.  Same goes for RL people knowing what I do online.  Though, it’s not because I ain’t open about it. (^_^)

I’m not that kinda hard-line “RL and SL are exclusive!!!” type.  At the same time, I’m not the “Hey! IM me to get to know everything about me” kind either.  But, I let things mingle. (^_^)

That’s to say, a little sprinkle of Immy here and there in my RL keeps things a bit brighter.  And, I can’t quite get rid of the Me-me in my SL.  It’s just the way I function.  I may not be telling the whole truth, but, I can’t just flat-out lie.  Here I am *BWONNNG*, and stuf. =^-^=

I guess that’s my ramble of the day… week… month… Jeez, I don’t update this joint as much as I should. (>_<)


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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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  1. Dale Innis says:

    Kewl! Staring at Immy lookin’ cute all day, I can see that. :) So where do the rest of us get those desktop images?

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