Kids and “kids”. Teens and “teens”. (O.o)

This has probably been talked about somewhere else, but, I think I’ve found examples today. (O.o)

So, at some point the teen grid has or will shut down. With that, teens (16 and 17) will be moved over the the General (PG) portions of SL. I think I’ve faced a teen already today. At NCI Kuula, which is on General land, and she claimed she “couldn’t go anywhere”. Our guess was that she didn’t have access to Moderate (Mature) places, so, now it was up to us to provide help for her to find PG places. (=_=)

Thing is, between General and Moderate, most people blur the subject. Nobody always looks at sim ratings all the time. Many of us just judge by the environment. So…

Is this PG? (O.o)

Is that PG? (o.O)

I duuno. (O.o)

Ain’t been there in a while. (o.O)

And so on… (=_=)

So, best I could do is what I’ve usually advised in the past. “Use search like Google, put keywords of things you like into it, and click the teleport button for the most interesting looking results.” (^_^)

Being she would have maturity restrictions, I’d assume that search will only give her General land bound results. (^_^)

But… She’s a newbie. Maybe she’s not actually a teen, but, a child avatar RPing as a teen and just getting a handle on the technical aspects of SL. In asking for “Teen” places, did she mean roleplay sims or actual places where actual teens would gather? If that’s the case, I could possibly toss her some appropriate landmarks. But… The places will be on Moderate land. If I’m wrong, she won’t be able to TP, probably get frustrated, and possibly decide far too soon that SL is not for her. (._.)

It’s a coin toss now. When someone says “Kid” or “Teen”, I’m going to have to ask for a qualifier. RP kid or RL kid? But, there’s another issue. Asking for personal information, particularly from a teen resident… Well, that just stinks of trouble. And, if you read the recent TOS properly, could result in a suspension. (>_<) Volunteering to help is already becoming more difficult. Now, there's just another source of confusion. (>_<) While I do intentionally limit my time on General land whenever I can, there are some friends that I can only visit there. Particularly the NCI crowd. When I'm volunteering, odds are I'll be on General land. I think it's going to take some time to nail down a technique to help people as effectively as possible, regardless of age. (._.) I don't have to like it, but, I'm willing to deal with it. I've faced worse. Teens who are honest about their age are probably far more safe than the liars who have been wiggling their way into the 18+ grid for years. (>_<) That said, has it happened yet? Are 16 and 17yo registrants getting sent to the main grid already? Should we stop with the ARs when faced with someone under 18? I feel like I'm being left in the dark over a serious and potentially dangerous subject. I really do hope to see some clarification in the coming week. (._.) Bleagh! DX

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3 Responses to Kids and “kids”. Teens and “teens”. (O.o)

  1. Max Kleiber says:

    The nice, random hodgepodge of G and M rated sims all over the main continents isn’t going to help a whole lot.

    Seriously, I’ve always wondered at the thinking that decided that doing things like surrounding a G (PG at the time) rated sim with M rated sims was a good idea.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      Remember when Latex Station had that giant boobie billboard floating over NCI? With my draw distance, I could see the nipples all the way from the mall. =^-^=

  2. There are a few areas within mainland where G sims are clustered together. Many of the new seas are G as well, so teeny-boppers can go sailing or whatever. I pay attention to the rating of an area as a result of having been a small-potatoes land baron in a former life. :-)

    If you’re curious what’s available to G-rated people, change your settings so you can only search for G-rated content and then go look for stuff.

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