Arca… Aley A… Lor… aley.resid… And I’m sure there’s more. (O.o)

So, I’m doing whatever inworld. I’m kinda always doing something. =^-^=

Okay, so that, and I get an IM from a Mally dood. Asks me if I’m a friendly to Aley and I’m all yeah, she’s a win. =^-^=

He starts telling me about an event… Seems, now that Aley’s back again, the Arcadia Asylum… Now turned Arcadia Asylum/Aley Arai library has a new bulk of artifacts. (^_^)

Not only does it have the prior and rather epic collection of Slum City stuff… In this coming week, they’re gonna have a pile of Privateer Space junk. =^-^=

It’s frigg’n cool! Like, some things I ain’t seen since the sim went down are gonna go public domain in just a few days. Being a friend/fan/antagonist of Aley, myself… I’m soooo totally looking forward to nabbing her gadgets and textures for my own stuff. (^_^)

Okay, but, this isn’t all about stuff. (^_^)

So, they’re doing this whole event. Celebrating and stuff for the new additions. People will be able to tour a sky build of memories from Privateer space. And, if we keep her chained down in the bas…. Uhm… If we’re nice enough… Aley’s gonna show up and show off. (^_^)

But, like, here’s something I didn’t quite expect… Mally asked me if I were willing to MC the event. (o.o)

Like… Would I!?! Xd

Totally! XD

So, look forward to it. I know I do. Come Wednesday and/or Thursday; we’ll be gathering people to share their memories of Slum City, Privateer Space, and the scruffy little urchin that made it all happen. I’ll get a chance to interview her and see if I can pull some of the how/what/why of the stuff slums are made of. So, keep reading. I’ll give updates when I can. And, hey, if you have any ideas for questions I can ask, put them in comments here. I’ll sneak’em into my personal notes for the interview. =^-^=

Coolies, no!? XD

::: UPDATE :::
Event times will be 1pm SLT Wednesday, December 29th and 4pm & 7:30pm SLT Thursday, December 30th. (^_^)

Look for the event teleporter @ the Arcadia Asylum Library (^_^)

A more accurate SLURL should arrive later. (^_^)y

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  1. Oh really? I will so so so want to be there. I miss that little scamp!

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