Here today. Gone later today. (O.o)

So yesterday we get a roll that feeds us main-grid display names for the first time.  I tinkered with it by naming an alt with my own account name.  The behaviour wasn’t so bad.  There were clearly methods to indicate what the account name is regardless of what the display name says.  (^_^)

But… LOLWUT?  They’re rolling it back! DX

Why? I dunno.  LL ain’t saying.  So, my only guess is that someone found a security hole.  I wonder what it is this time.  I guess this shows the usefulness of these RC pilot rolls, being the code was distributed in a high enough volume to catch such a bug, yet, not so much that an entire grid-wide rollback would be necessary. (^_^)

I wonder what my alt’s name is gonna be next time she logs in… (O.o)

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2 Responses to Here today. Gone later today. (O.o)

  1. Milla Janick says:

    The rollback may have been about the tendency for display name enabled regions not to notify you when your friends logged in.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      Oh, I been hearing complaints about that. Didn’t know it was connected to that specific update. Makes sense though. A new way of naming people and an issue regarding a function that’s partially name dependent. (^_^)

      Ooh… What if we all changed our names to “Hippos”!?!? XD

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