Immy’s Naughty Place =^-^=


But, seriously.  I got one.  It’s in the sim os Jonesford Heights on a gradually sloping streetside hill.  It’s within reach of the Ortiz infohub.  It’s ~MY~ 1/8th sim’s worth of Zindra land!  (^_^)

My plan so far is to move the NCI Mosh infonode to the panhandle portion of the parcel.  I’ll provide more prims for less rent and the place will be in a far more visible location than where it is now. (^_^)

For the remainder… Well, I have this group.  Co-owner.  New Citizens Adult.  NCA is not directly affiliated with NCI, but, it does consist of NCI members who want to get beyond PG content.  Since NCI is a Resident Help Network group, the group must retain policies that are befitting of the PG (Now General) guidelines of SL.  So, NCA is a fringe group inspired by NCI’s goals… Just naked. =^-^=

So the remainder of the land will be NCA land.  I’m still working on a build concept for the place.  I hope to keep many of the prims free so that it can be used as a sandbox/classroom.  No matter what, it’ll be fun. (^_^)

So, there it is.  Frigg’n Immy has a frigg’n 8192 parcel in Zindra.  Naughty naughty me!  Now, who’s up for a spank’n? =^-^=

Immy's Naughty Place

About Imnotgoing Sideways

I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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2 Responses to Immy’s Naughty Place =^-^=

  1. Dale Innis says:

    Cool! / looks to see if that’s anywhere my little place in Vallone…

  2. Dale Innis says:

    A few sims away from Vallone, as it turns out. Easily reachable by motorbike (and some nice scenery on the way, as one crosses the Big Bridge and all).

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