Help me make movies in a way that doesn’t suck… (._.)

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t know… But, I have a Youtube channel. =^-^=

Simple enough, no? (^_^)

Well… Not so simple. (._.)

Okay, so far I’ve done most of my recent recording using CamStudio… Which I totally love. =^-^=

Since I’m just doing little screwball things, I ain’t gonna pay money for this stuff… So, I use Windows MovieMaker.  It works for me.  So, sue me… Okay, it WORKED for me. DX

Past tense… Worked!  So, what happened?  Recently Windows Live had some big-butt upgrade and it’s like ready for 2011 or something.  Either way, the apps got changed.  And, that’s where my troubles started. DX

It’s also something I’ve sorta seen in the past, but, when playing really old games.  It’s a tough thing to screen-grab because Windows often renders everything just fine… It’s when it reaches my frigg’n card that there’s a problem.  (>_<)

Okay, enough of the how often and since when… Here’s the what.  Starting with my attempt to play SimCity3000 (which is the one that ruled best, I might add).  So, I got the game to launch and the menus to respond to my clicks, but, the screen looked like scrambled porn from the 1980s! DX  I mean… If you squint, I’m sure you’d spot a nipp… Oh, hang on. (O.o)

Okay, so, anyway… Graphics futzed on SC3K… S’okay, right?  It’s a frigg’n old game and I should expect compatibility issues.  later on, I try Black&White… Ick, that was a tough one to get running… But, thanks to a couple websites and I think even a plugin I got it to bloody launch… With the same frigg’n problems SC3K had! DX  S’okay, right?  This game was notorious for being incompatible with Vista and Win7. (._.)

…. But, I like those games. (._.)

Anyway… I’m making little videos in SL and ‘producing’ them in MovieMaker… Totally taking advantage of the “Send video to Youtube” feature that bumps my vids up on-the-fly with name description and all… Teh hawtnezz, that is. =^-^=

Then… Bloody upgrade to bloody Windows Life 2011 or whatever rot they tried to pawn on me.  So, sure, I’ll bite.   What could go wrong?  Well……… (-_-)

So, there it is… The screen artifacts, freaky misalignment, stuttering performance, and general un-use-ability! DX

GAH!!!! DX

So, I figure my video card/drivers are having an issue, but, something that only happens on a specific arrangement.  Now… Live Movie Maker has that specific arrangement since I updated it. (._.)

So… Frigg’n solutions! How do they work!? (>_<)

Maybe I could downgrade Live and at least get Movie maker back.  I dunno… Maybe someone out here knows what’s going wrong and just points it out to tell me “Turn this off” or “Turn this on” and happy happy times return.  I dunno… Maybe someone knows about a killer freebie movie editor that exports stuff that works fine and fast with Youtube without jumping through hoops. (>_<)

I’m open to suggestions… Lemmee know… I sure as heck can’t fix this myself. (._.)

DERP! (._.)

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2 Responses to Help me make movies in a way that doesn’t suck… (._.)

  1. Han Held says:

    Have you tried looking or asking in the Movie Maker help forum? That’s all I can think of to do…

    Meanwhile, I’m going to look for movie maker apps for Linux… =3

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      Ah, thanks for mentioning that. I have an account there, silly me. DX

      Okay, I just posted my question there and I’ll see what I get in reply. *stares at Email and taps the table* (-_-)

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