Immycast DJ setup =^-^=

I had a friend ask about the tech-specs of what I’m running to stream my music inworld. (^_^)

So… Lemmee see if I can’t make this too confusing. (>_<)

For one… I didn’t want to spend much money.  While I ~DID~ buy MorphVOX Pro, the only other thing that costs is the Shoutcast streaming host.  That said, the software I used is:

Now, be careful that you don’t get the Shoutcast DNAS.  That’s the server.  Odds are, a home interwebs drop won’t have enough bandwidth to host a good sounding stream to 40 or so listeners.  Shoot for the Winamp DSP plugin. (^_^)

Now… How do I use the frigg’n stuff? (O.o)

Okay, here’s the fun part.  I don’t ~ACTUALLY~ use Winamp… Just the Shoutcast DSP.  I set it to output to the streaming host… Password and all.  Encode via MP3 @ 192kbps, 44.1kHz, Stereo (Yes, good sound quality!).  Finally, I set the Input Device to “Soundcard Input” << Now, there’s the secret.  What that final setting does is get the whole mixdown of your sound stuff, encode it, and stream it out to the host.  (^_^)

So… Basically… If you can hear it through your speakers, so can your listeners. (^_^)


So, like, SL has all sounds muted, Skype, Gtalk, Windows… All sounds gotta be cut.  (>_<)

Yeah, I know you like all the blips and bloops and dings, but, not while streaming, hokays? (^_^)

Okay… So, How do I feed this all up? (^_^)

Not too hard. (^_^)

Mixxx just plays live.  Master goes to whatever your speaker out is. (^_^)

MorphVOX is set to “Listen”… So that mess gets to the speakers. (^_^)

And the mic is just a mic… Though, I cheated.  I’m using a stage vocal mic on a boom stand with a Behringer EuroRack UB1002 to EQ the sound and control the volume a bit. (^_^)

For the stream host, I port my little butt to 3FX where they offer L$ funded stream hosts… Which work very well, I might add.  So far I’ve used their L$199 24hour, 100 listener service a few times with no problems.  Just follow the sign that says “Streams”.  (^_^)

And, that be that! =^-^=

BUT!!!  I have different plans today!  I got my own stream server for a good price and I’m gonna try out SAM Broadcaster.  I’ve already found that it has a nicely controllable compressor.  I wanna sound gooooood. =^-^=

Oop… I just said “Today”, didn’t I? =^-^=

Well, I frigg’n mean it.  SUNDAY! December 5th, from 11am to about  12 or 12:30pm… Come down to NCA(Adult) for Immy’s Sunday Nooner!  It’s gonna be Rock.  It’s gonna be Metal.  It’s gonna be Alternative.  But, most of all…It’s gonna be LOUD! XD

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