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  1. Max Kleiber says:

    I’ve been sort-of monitoring this Google+ thing.. sorta-kinda..

    So far I haven’t heard anyone say anything good about it, or what it does.
    On the other hand, I have heard a whole lot of criticism connected with the Opensource Obscure issue. I expect this may be a function of “monetize first then find out if it will work” because one has to assume that Google isn’t using their own resources to develop this. One assumes they are using advertising dollars for development costs.
    Lateral thought: Has Linden Lab eliminated surnames for accounts because of external pressure to stop making it likely that SL avatars will become the log-in accounts for other web services?

    Overall, I will not be terribly surprised in a year’s time if this goes the way of Google Wave. To me, Google is a search engine and a source of disposable e-mail accounts.

  2. Dale Innis says:

    Alan Watts FTW! :)

    Google Profiles are evil on this subject. I’m at least as annoyed that they require you to give a GENDER (what, like everyone has just one, that they stick to all the time?) as they require you to give a (“real”) name. :P them, eh?

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