Get out of my rooooooom~! (>o<)

Oh oho ho… Something interesting in the Jira. =^-^=

The fun part is that it has reached the “Awaiting Review” stage… Meaning, there’s hope just yet! =^-^=

Hope for what, you say? (O.o)

Okay, picture this: You manage a volunteer help group and people regularly join just to start crap or spam their new nipple piercings at their store, but they’re “not advertising” because they’re helping people find the best nipple piercings in SL… And so and so and so forth. XD

Or, imagine: You manage a discussion group.  Yeah, that’s it, just a group for chit chat for the sake of chit chat.  But, there are some people who are in it for the gold and want to rile up as big a crowd as they can find.  (O.o)

Well, what option do you have right now?  You could close the group and make it invitation only.  But,  you don’t want people to have to jump through hurdles… Particularly if it’s their first day in SL and they don’t even know ~HOW~ to ask for an invite or even know what groups are just yet. (>_<)

You could eject the person from your group… Over, and over, and over, and over… because it’s their goal to drive everyone nuts and enjoy the idea that you can’t really stop them. (>_<)

Well, now, if you ain’t read that Jira yet, here it goes… You can BLACKLIST people from joining your group! \(^o^)/

Or, at least, not yet.  But, it seems like it may be a possibility soon. (^_^)

This will be a boon for open groups to really lay down the law while remaining available for those who can appreciate the workings of a community. (^_^)

I like this. =^-^=

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2 Responses to Get out of my rooooooom~! (>o<)

  1. Solo Mornington says:

    If they’d just do the permissions system right, there’d be no need for a ban list.

    As it stands, you can determine which roles are allowed to chat or send notices. But you can’t remove anyone from the ‘everyone’ role. Basically, the ‘everyone’ role becomes the ‘muted’ role.

    So therefore, there’s no reasonable way to prevent people from spam-chatting in an open-enrollment group, even though the tools already exist.

    I did a JIRA about it, but they said it was a feature request and marked it fixed. Because LL dev team is not in the business of making LL better, apparently.

    • Winter says:

      Great idea, until the spammer leaves the group, the group “forgets” what roles they had, and then the spammer rejoins, and is auto-granted the “Everyone” tag.

      Really what’s needed, is a banlist.

      It still won’t, of course, mitigate the instant alt army problem, but it’s a start.

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