Bored And Annoyed, or Why have all SL Eye UVs stunk? (O.o)

So, yeah… (=_=)

I spent a long time looking for an eye UV I could trust.  The most I could find were blurry, off center, or just a stolen eye texture from wherever. (>_<)

Plus, the last time I saw one that got the top/bottom relationship right, it was still a misaligned mess. (>_<)

So, out of boredom and annoyance, I do present…

Immy’s Evil SL Avatar Eye Template! =^-^=

That’s all.  It’s got the raw UV from the SL model and a few guides on where to place the iris and lens… And markers for the sideways top thing that SL eyes just plain got. (=_=)

So, yeah, there it is.  PNG and PSD format.  Not so sure about the PSD, though.  I use an Jasc PSP8 and the exporter could be insanely outdated. (>_<)

Oh, yeah, and they’re big.  Like 1024×1024 big.  So, when getting legit eyes ready for upload, go for something like 128×128 or 256×256.  They aren’t going to take up more than 25×25 pixels of screen space most of the time, anyway.  (^_^)

Enjoy! (^_^)y

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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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