A rather uncharacteristic…

I want this post to have a larger audience.

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…The woman has been treated appallingly badly in the past. Indeed I, along with many others here defended her in the Woodbury saga…

I’m going to take issue with this in two parts.

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…Say, are you with the Woodburies?

Prokofy has always been an equal opportunity Woodburyizer. I have seen “this person is another Woodbury griefer” used ad-nauseam as an accusation for nearly EVERYONE with a silly name or any degree of disagreement. Thereby inflating the appearance of harassment.

At the same time I have been specifically named in 3 claims on account of 3 visits as being a participant in some sort of griefing raid. While I have fully documented each event in my own defense, his words were still preferred by the community at large.

So, at this point a majority of people just like yourself have accepted 3 events where the Big-Bad-Immy has griefed him.

Whereas, from my recollection, all 3 events were quiet, peaceful, and friendly moments. In fact… I actually made friends while in Sutherland and attended one of their rez day parties this past weekend.

So, in my case 0 for 3.

While you still may have no doubt that Prok “suffered” under the weight of a single group. I personally believe that he and anyone who helped him spent a lot of time swinging at shadows.

I’m sure, from your point of view, all the events occurred as you’ve been told in the past. I readily believe that less than 10% of these events ACTUALLY happened.

I’m in no place to prove that anything didn’t happen.

But, I’ve seen too many situations contrived by a delusional person’s fantasy view of the world around to believe a vast majority of the claims.

You may have “been there”. But, so was I. Difference being, I was out beyond the range of the blinders.

As a result, I’m going to state a rather uncharacteristic…


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3 Responses to A rather uncharacteristic…

  1. Jack Arnica says:

    Hi Immy

    If you dont mind if I ask you a question…why do you care about Prok? S/he is clearly a delusional fantasist with their own agenda? Wheras you’ve helped hundreds of people through NCI (including me) but what you do with NCI etc doesnt really clash with Prok and the Woodbury stuff was a while ago. Unless you are coming across him/her as part of your daily SL life – why not just delete and move on – you are worh far more and s/he is simply not worth spending a second of your time on really.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      It does come up in ways I can’t avoid. NCI faces a certain degree of grief over the rumors that get spread about myself and the group. Prok generates and spreads many of these rumors which affect the whole community negatively.

      So, personally, my speaking out against this person is something I’m doing with intent to help the community. I fear that one rumor too many will lead to another split or the destruction of the group and its efforts over all. I can’t resist the urge to defend against such actions.

  2. Sean Williams says:

    I still do not understand why you bother to address Catherine’s avatar. Simply put, she does not deserve the use of such a shield. She has never made the claim that her avatar is a part of her nor has she used it as anything but a piss poor excuse to sling her lies all across the internet.

    If it is a moral issue, I can understand that – if not, it really is high time (if you respond to her shit) to take the kid gloves off.

    I have seen the shit she slings myself and been the recipient of some of it as well. For fuck sake she banned me from commenting on her blog because I refused to give her information she has no legal right to ask for.

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