A Crunchy Start For CHUI. (>_<)

Generally, I’m quite pleased with any UI handed to me.  I liked the V2, V3, V3.4 progressions.  But, with the latest CHUI update, I’m a bit less than pleased. (._.)

Now, I have been able to arrange my chat window layout as I like it; undocked local chat, and all.  But, even undocked chat windows are children to the momma Conversations window.  So, if I close one, the rest fall with it.  Well… Not all the time.  If I close it then press enter to chat locally, I get the local chat window back and solo this time. (O.o)

So, right away, it’s inconsistent. (T_T)

Also, CHUI has eaten the chat console.  That lovely little chat bar with semi transparent text that fades away after a moment or two.  I’m going to miss that.  I liked having text on the screen long enough to read and absorb then self-clean it from my sight.  Bye-bye chat console. (._.)

Also, I know vertical tabs is popular.  But, not with me.  DX

They crowd out the text.  I don’t mind seeing fewer tabs.  I want to see more text.  Gladly, they can be reduced to icons.  But, ew!  I want full width text. (>_<)

Here’s my FS to LL comparisons… Attempting to keep the UI as much as I prefer as possible… (o.o)

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At this point, I find nothing that I can’t get used to.  But, there are some things I’ll miss.  For now, I’ll drop FireStorm for a while and run LL’s latest and see if it’s crashy on me.  (^_^)y

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