Immy gets meshy. (^_^)

Mkay, got my butt into early mesh stuff.  I remember that I used to say mesh was going to be easier than sculpties and far more efficient.  Holyfriggncrapinablender was I right! XD

So, early stuff… I wanted to see what it would be to replicate and possibly even improve upon something I already have inworld.  Something easy… Something like the picket fence around my yard. =^-^=

So… Here… =^-^=

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Now, all’s not perfect.  Details are kinda like this….

Lower Fence: 4 prims (2 sculpted + 2 box)
Physics Weight = 4.0
Render Cost = 138

Upper Fence: 1 mesh (5 prim equiv)
Physics Weight = 0.4
Render Cost = 32

Sooooo… For 1 more prim, I get a far prettier looking fence with less lag.  Why I lost that prim, I dunno.  Server load?  (O.o)

Either way, the new fence stays square to the tips instead of coming to toothpick points.  The boards are UV mapped to different portions what can be a simple pre-existing flat texture… So, they mostly look like different and separate pieces of wood.  And the physics bounding box is actually a box, just one, instead of two boxes and two crushed spheres. (^_^)

While I can probably get quite grumpetty over it costing me 5 prims for something that’s 75% more efficient… It’s a pretty fence.  I just may keep it*. =^-^=

(* Or re-up-load it once beta is over and the possibly delete everything… )

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2 Responses to Immy gets meshy. (^_^)

  1. Ashiri says:

    Was that fully optimised mesh or just a simple test case?
    And yes, mesh is (way) easier than sculpts. =^_^=

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      It’s relatively optimized. I did cheat a bit on the LOD models and I think I can make it a bit lighter… Moreso if I were to use a custom texture. My target was to replicate what was already there… That being a prefab picket fence. In spite of the extra prim-cost, I’m considering a functional success. (^_^)y

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