The runaround… =^-^=

I have a very difficult time deciphering some people. (O.o)

I mean, okay, we live in a society mired in porn… Lots of it being easily found for free.  (o.O)

I’ve never been in the dating scene, so, I’m not quite clear what that’s like. (O.o)

But… What drives someone to the point of never realizing they’re being trolled? (=_=)

Case in point…

[11:59] tazman Coage: hi there
[12:00] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Hi hi. (^_^)
[12:00] tazman Coage: how u been
[12:01] tazman Coage: wish i had real life pic of u be nice
[12:01] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): (O.o)
[12:02] tazman Coage: yes could u send me one
[12:03] tazman Coage: u there
[12:03] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): I don’t do that for anyone else, why should I for you? (O.o)
[12:04] tazman Coage: because u like me every much and the same here lov see who am talking too be nice
[12:05] tazman Coage: u there
[12:05] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): I don’t know you. (O.o)
[12:06] tazman Coage: thats a very good way to no me ask ant thing
[12:06] tazman Coage: any
[12:07] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Mkay, what’s your hangup about RL pictures?  Nobody with any self respect would give pictures out in SL. (^_^)
[12:08] tazman Coage: they do its not a problem    get send all kinds of pics no big deal
[12:09] tazman Coage: i dont do antthing with just keep in files
[12:09] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): What if they lie and send you porn start pictures when they’re actually a sweaty old truck driver from Texas? (^_^)
[12:10] tazman Coage: thats true but i can tell
[12:10] tazman Coage: call trust
[12:10] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Oh? What’s your magic? =^-^+
[12:10] tazman Coage: my magic
[12:11] tazman Coage: what u mean
[12:11] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): You magically know that someone’s telling the truth onine? (^_^)
[12:11] tazman Coage: can tell with the pic they send me
[12:11] tazman Coage: if they true or not
[12:12] tazman Coage: u
[12:12] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): That sounds like magic.  Nobody can be sure. (^_^)
[12:12] tazman Coage: have not been wrong yet of telling the diff
[12:13] tazman Coage: guess theres allways a first time
[12:13] tazman Coage: not yet
[12:14] tazman Coage: u there
[12:14] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Ain’t that grand. =^-^=
[12:14] tazman Coage: what
[12:15] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): You type funny. (o.o)
[12:15] tazman Coage: thank u lol
[12:15] tazman Coage: so what u say real life pic please
[12:16] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Well, you’re persistent.  (^_^)
[12:16] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): What if I were to refuse? =^-^=
[12:16] tazman Coage: lol yes
[12:17] tazman Coage: nothing but i hope not   be nice if u do
[12:17] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): I have really nice pictures from Anime.  I like drawings. (^_^)
[12:18] tazman Coage: real life pics  cool send them
[12:18] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Manners first. (^_^)
[12:18] tazman Coage: lol please pretty please with sugar on top
[12:19] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Hm… No strawberries and creme.  I’m thinking that weighs against your request. (^_^)
[12:20] tazman Coage: oh yes lots of that ill lick it all clean
[12:20] tazman Coage: til i get a cramp in my tounge
[12:21] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Who said you were getting any sweets?  I’m the one that’s hungry. (O.o)
[12:21] tazman Coage: i have lots far u
[12:21] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): It’s lunch time over here, you know?  When do I get my cake? (=_=)
[12:21] tazman Coage: cake and creamme filling
[12:22] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): No fillings…. Maybe mango, though.  I like mango filling on angel food cake. (^_^)
[12:23] tazman Coage: id wipe it all over yr body and eat and lick it all off u like
[12:23] tazman Coage: please pics please
[12:23] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Ew! That sounds unsanitary.  What if I haven’t had a shower? (O.o)
[12:23] tazman Coage: u wiill
[12:23] tazman Coage: first
[12:24] tazman Coage: when we r done long shower
[12:24] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): We?  Done?  What the heck are we doing which would end up being done? (O.o)
[12:25] tazman Coage: sex baby
[12:25] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Oh ew.  You have sex with babies? (O.o)
[12:25] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Maybe I should call the FBI! DX
[12:26] tazman Coage: o
[12:26] tazman Coage: us havibg sex girl no babyes
[12:26] tazman Coage: i just calling u baby
[12:26] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): I ain’t no baby.  Have some respect. (=_=)
[12:27] tazman Coage: i do just trying to be nice thats all
[12:27] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Oh, you ended being nice the moment you requested a picture.  So, what’s up? (^_^)
[12:28] tazman Coage: still am we got to cream strawberrys  i just went with it
[12:28] tazman Coage: that still nice and sexy and hot too
[12:29] tazman Coage: gues u dont like that
[12:29] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): I wanted cake and you’re going on about just the toppings.  That’s pretty lame.  Do you even know how to bake? (O.o)
[12:29] tazman Coage: can come over here with me  mt cabin
[12:30] tazman Coage: yes why
[12:30] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): I can, but, I won’t.  My place is far better. (^_^)
[12:30] tazman Coage: u
[12:30] tazman Coage: can i com there
[12:30] tazman Coage: tp me
[12:30] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Naw.  If I did that it wouldn’t be better anymore. (^_^)
[12:31] tazman Coage: why is that it be much better
[12:31] tazman Coage: how old r u in rl
[12:31] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Old enough. (^_^)
[12:31] tazman Coage: u like things big
[12:32] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): That depends.  Like, computer screens, yeah big.  But, like dinner portions at a diner shouldn’t be so big.  I don’t wanna gain weight. (>_<)
[12:32] tazman Coage: u there
[12:33] tazman Coage: what else big
[12:33] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Diamonds. =^-^=
[12:34] tazman Coage: its been a problem far so far when having sex that is
[12:34] tazman Coage: am only 10.5 ins long 5ins thick that ok   in real life
[12:34] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Oh?  Maybe you should stop.  Have you considered masturbating to porn? (^_^)
[12:35] tazman Coage: i do but that gets boring after a while
[12:35] tazman Coage: like the real thing u no
[12:36] tazman Coage: most i get is a blow jod  most want talk all of it in just half way
[12:36] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): I don’t know… I’d conclude you don’t get any.  I mean, if so you’d be with someone right now and not online looking for pictures from strangers. (^_^)
[12:36] tazman Coage: but hey take what i get hua
[12:36] tazman Coage: i do that too
[12:37] tazman Coage: i just dont go with the flow hua
[12:37] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Oh, you swing both ways? (^_^)
[12:37] tazman Coage: they say am just to much to handel i like sex a lot
[12:38] tazman Coage: no u
[12:38] tazman Coage: at lesat 3  or 4 times a day
[12:38] tazman Coage: do u swing both ways
[12:39] tazman Coage: guess u r not sending pic real life
[12:40] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): That’s a valid conclusion. (^_^)
[12:40] tazman Coage: thats cool dam
[12:40] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): I gotta go.  Enjoy yourself. (^_^)y
[12:40] tazman Coage: is your pussy shaven or groomed

Holycrap that was long! (O_O)

But, anyway, whutupwitdat? (=_=)

Is it really so hard to find a person to spend time with?  What would getting a picture have achieved?  And, do RL people really talk to each other like this?  I mean, not the TXTish and all… But, like all up front personal stuff without an evening coffee. (O.o)

Either way, dood was good for a laugh and if I hadn’t had to get back to work I’m sure I could have had him hanging on for at least another hour. =^-^=

… Which is very sad. (>_<)


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  1. Dale Innis says:

    haha ” If I did that it wouldn’t be better anymore. ”

    Why do I not get these? Am I not wildly attractive? Of course I don’t hang out in as many newborn places… :)

    u there

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