SLB in “Your World”

I just been thinking about it. (O.o)

You know, the Labbies are opting out of managing the SL9B celebrations.  At first, a few responses were all “wait what!?” with a bit of fear mongering that they’re shutting the doors on SL and the same ol’ same ol’ rabble. (=_=)

But, I see this as a smart move.  Crazy like a fox, and all. (^_^)

Think about it.  In the prior birthday events, what did the Lab provide?  Free sims?  Cake?  Guidelines?  Rules?  A ‘respectful decline’? It may sound odd, but, in my point of view the Lab has often been a negative influence on the party.  Not the Labbies, themselves.  But, the overall business community of Linden Lab and their corporate image and structure. (=_=)

So, us as residents… We got handed the baton.  And so far we’re proving we can handle it.  I mean, it’s our world after all, right? “Your world.  Your imagination.” as the slogan says.  I think that chintzy little phrase came back for good reason.  The Lab is beginning to see what their product is and are backing away from intervening.  Sadly, this also shows in their AR response lately.  But, anyway! XD

SL9B, I think, is an indicator of things to come.  For one, look at all the frigg’n bug fixes that came out with 3.3.  Bloody impressive, that.  I’m sure it took a lot of focused tasking to roll out so many improvements while also trying to keep resources in mesh and path-finding. It may not be showing what everyone wants to see, but, I’m seeing enough to be rather optimistic over the state of things. (^_^)

Think we can handle it? (O.o)



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1 Response to SLB in “Your World”

  1. Ferd Frederix says:

    Agreed. The lab is on a roll. They need to ficus on what they do best and leave us alone. Now if they would just get me an estate-wide HUD that I can pop on peoples screens, I would be very happy. There’s a thousand uses for that one simple feature. ( other than griefing)

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