Session With A Nice Newbie (^_^)

Why, oh why, can’t more people be like this when they join SL?  He was so cool about things, even if he decided he didn’t quite like it.  I can’t help but share this. (^_^)

[21:21] —————-: hi
[21:22] —————-: I am new here, and i have no idea what to do
[21:22] Immy: No worries. (^_^)
[21:22] Immy: SL isn’t so much about what you have to do as it is what you want to do. But, if you have any questions, please do ask out in public chat. We have lots of helpers here. (^_^)
[21:23] —————-: ok, thanks
[21:23] Immy: Early on, I advise; If you find yourself at a place you’d like to return to, click World >> Landmark This Place. (^_^)
[21:23] —————-: seem you do not want to talk to me
[21:24] Immy: Eh? I can’t say IMs are my favourite thing. But, I’ll provide answers for SL related questions. Don’t mind me if I seem distracted, though… SL can be a busy place. (>_<)
[21:25] Immy: After some networking, you may wind up finding yourself juggling a number of IMs, group chats, and maybe even outworld stuff like Steam, Skype, or whatever people wind up sharing. (^_^)
[21:25] —————-: well hopefully it will be a busy place
[21:26] Immy: That, it is. But it does require some effort. Nothing here is pre-made or standardized. Everything is user made. That makes things both very possible and impossible. (^_^)
[21:27] Immy: You can pretty much decide all that you want to do. Things like chatting, building, scripting, events, and such come without a price most of the time. (^_^)
[21:29] Immy: Oh, and it looks as though you’re using click-to-move. I’d advise against that. It’s a rather unfinished feature and moving around using the arrow keys on your keyboard will make things much easier. (^_^)
[21:30] —————-: i try to walk and it is very confusing
[21:30] —————-: i like your outfit by the way
[21:30] Immy: Thanks. I like working on my looks. =^-^=
[21:31] —————-: well, you are doing a great job
[21:31] —————-: and how did you get that tatoo?
[21:32] Immy: The dragon and back-tribal are from a store I often go to. Immerschoen Fashion. The one on my leg is my own work. (^_^)
[21:33] —————-: so, can you so me a tatoo
[21:33] —————-: actually, i just saw the one you have on your belly
[21:34] Immy: To be able to customize your avatar, you’re going to have to use one of the “Classic” avatars. You’re currently in a “Rigged Mesh” avatar. It’s a new thing and Linden Lab set them up very poorly. (._.)
[21:35] —————-: ok
[21:35] —————-: you have been very nice to me you know
[21:35] —————-: i really appreciate it,
[21:35] —————-: thanks
[21:35] Immy: You’ll find many items, shapes, skins, and such in your inventory. You can”Add” or “Wear” them depending on what you’re after. For more items, look into your inventory Library or our freebie walls. (^_^)
[21:36] Immy: Ah, I’m just a volunteer here. I like helping. (^_^)y
[21:36] —————-: wow
[21:36] Immy: Most of the people here will be just as nice. =^-^=
[21:36] —————-: your awesome
[21:36] —————-: i dont think so
[21:37] Immy: Heh, well, they should be. This place can get pretty tough on the rude ones. Though, some get away with it more than others. (>_<)
[21:39] Immy: To each their own, though. Everyone has their own personality. Some can sound bossy when trying to be helpful and some can sound helpful when trying to be bossy. XD
[21:39] —————-: jajajajajaja
[21:40] —————-: i got a tatoo
[21:40] —————-: but now how can change my chlothe
[21:41] Immy: That’s where things can get tricky. First, I’ll advise that you go to Me >> Choose An Avatar and pick something from the “Classic” tab. Not much can be done until then. (^_^)
[21:41] —————-: ok
[21:41] —————-: but i wanna just take off my shirt
[21:42] Immy: Ah. That may be easy. If you search your inventory for things that are “(Worn)” you may find an item with ‘shirt’ as the name. (^_^)
[21:43] Immy: RIght click the inventory item and select “Detach”. (^_^)
[21:43] Immy: Be careful, though. This is a G region and removing your pants may get you in a lot of trouble. (>_<)
[21:43] —————-: ohhhhh
[21:43] Immy: .. Even if by accident. (>.>)
[21:43] —————-: thanks for the advice
[21:44] —————-: ok, immy was my pleasure to meet you
[21:44] Immy: We do have changing rooms. There is a white round pad on the floor behind me. If you click that, it will transport you to the men’s one and you can juggle your outfit there. (^_^)^
[21:45] —————-: i dont understand this place, i am living it
[21:45] Immy: Not a problem at all. You’ve been nice. You deserve the help. =^-^=
[21:45] Immy: No worries. (^_^)y
[21:46] —————-: yes this SL it is not what i was expected
[21:46] —————-: there is nothing fun to do
[21:47] Immy: That depends. But, it’s all up to you. Everyone has something they prefer. (^_^)
[21:47] —————-: yes i guess
[21:47] —————-: ok immy take it easy
[21:47] Immy: Enjoy! (^_^)y
[21:48] —————-: can i ask you one question
[21:48] Immy: Feel free. (^_^)
[21:48] —————-: the last one
[21:49] —————-: where can i get a date?
[21:50] —————-: i am looking for someone to have some fun
[21:51] Immy: In SL? Socializing here is much like real life. It takes time, networking, and finding things in common. My advice; makes some keywords of your interests and put them into search (Ctrl+F)… You may find groups, places, and people who you match up with. (^_^)
[21:52] Immy: In my own case, for example, I like clothes and cartoons. Searching “clothes” gets me going on shopping trips and “anime” finds places where people like me enjoy our toons. (^_^)
[21:52] —————-: ok
[21:53] —————-: thank fos the advice
[21:53] —————-: see you later
[21:53] Immy: Spot on! Not a problem at all. (^_^)y

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