Hm. Bitter much? (=_=)

Okay, so I know this person who is pretty much permabanned from NCI due to harassing newbies… Often accusing them of being alts of regulars.  To the best of my memory, she generally kept a hostile stance against… well… anything. (O.o)

So, yeah, permabanned. (>_<)



She’s apparently quite bitter over being banned. (=_=)

For one, Kuula is a mainland General sim.  How that can “fool” anyone, is beyond me.  Find something that breaks PG/General guidelines and AR it.  Mission accomplished. (^_^)

Still leaves me curious. (=_=)y



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1 Response to Hm. Bitter much? (=_=)

  1. Sean Williams says:

    That pic alone is reportable Immy. It’s defamatory.

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