There’s no need to rehearse the truth.

Immy tells a very well-rehearsed version of the events surrounding Carl Metropolitan’s departure from NCI that are contradicted elsewhere by Carl himself and others.

Of course. That’s because Carl is being a liar in this regard.

There’s no need to rehearse the truth.

Carl has been the most dishonest party in this entire charade overall. He’s leveraging this supposedly spotless reputation to his advantage as it allows him to tell any story he wants and people will swallow it whole.

>> The night he sent the notice to the group announcing his unilateral decision to require that anyone in both groups must pick one or the other… It was VERY well rehearsed and timed.
My class. Thursday, 6pm SLT, every week. That week was One Prim Wonders. It’s one of the more difficult lessons to teach because it covers a ton of information while not leaving a lot of time for explanations and detail. That night the education director, Gideon, paid my class an unusual visit that he had never done before and hasn’t done since. That night as usual, I start my class at 6pm on-the-nose. That night, the group notice with the notecard came out. I’m sure the expectation was that I would resign then and there. I didn’t. I completed the class, satisfied the wants and needs of the students, and noticed that Gideon had left some time half way through.

[2009/08/27 18:00] A group member named Carl Metropolitan gave you NCI Policy: Griefer Groups & NCI Officers.

6pm on-the-nose.

>> When I was invited to a JLU education seminar, I stood and remained quiet. Carl arrives after I’ve been there for a good 15 minutes, raises a fuss, interupts the event, and announces that he has to leave just in case I start a scene.
Desmond was with him in his ‘Magic’ alt. At the time, Carl still had me on his friends list. I was on Desmond’s as well, but, not to Desmond Magic. If you know me, you know I give map. Carl knew I was there before he arrived. His “outrage” and disruption of the event was all an act. It did little more than drive what was at first a productive educational seminar into chaos.

>> When I was going to attend the Tonight Live show, he requests I be banned from the sim under the guise that I’ll disrupt the show. That left me forced to watch via their live video feed. Apparently the sim was being lagged to death. People say it was a griefing and point the finger at me… When I was on my own sim, pretty much immobile while I was watching the feed.

>> I come back to the show a couple weeks later… Or, no I didn’t… I was still estate banned. So, I had a chat with security who told me that Carl said I was a griefer, let me know that he now realizes differently, and allowed me back in the sim. It was the night Dusan was interviewed. Good show.

Over and over again; Carl and Prok try to connect me to griefings and raids I hadn’t even witnessed. Over and over again, they pre-crime my presense and either cause a scene themselves and leave or find some method of locking me out, ejecting me, or banning me. All with no evidence or proof that I’ll do any damage or disruption at all.

Whited sepulchre, I say.

In an Email from Desmond:

I emailed Carl about this already and asked if he’d be willing to
discuss this (just before I saw your email, I doubted you would, to be
honest). If he is, I’ll bring us all in on it; Carl’s been through
hell lately and I don’t want to put his stress levels through the

Carl, Desmond, and I had a meeting. Linda Coffee was present.
Timeline of events surrounding this meeting:

I recieved my 3 bans from Prok. The first two never became a subject of anything. I had personal dicussions with Carl about them, he knew of my WU affiliation, and he simply indicated that he trusted me but would not take kindly if he heard that I had actually been griefing Prok.

SLCC – The chalking of Linden Lab’s front door sparks Prok to target WU since it was Tizzer’s idea to take the party bus to the lab. At the same time, he uses my association with WU and NCI in order to point out some sort of conspiracy that ‘griefer groups’ are trying to bolster their appearance by pretending to be volunteers. Myself being the direct target as the griever/volunteer named on the blog.

From that, I started posting on my blog and responding to threads, debunking the stories told. Desmond had friended me a while back when I was in low times and OP’d a thread about friendships. At this time, he started contacting me. First by forum PM, later by Email. We started a dialogue on why I’m in WU, what my thoughts are on the group, how he perceived it affected NCI and Oxbridge Caledon, and his own experience of real life harassment that even got to the point of people creeping around his house at night after giving his children death threats by phone.

From the Emails, we eventually planned a meeting.

[2009/08/21 22:00] Desmond Magic: what I wanted to do
[2009/08/21 22:01] Desmond Magic: was see if you could enlighten Carl a bit
[2009/08/21 22:01] Desmond Magic: about Woodbury in NCI, and stuff like that

What Carl didn’t know was that there were actually 10 members of NCI Land Holdings (The officer and admin group) who were also in WU. I didn’t name names. Desmond specifically asked for no witch hunting. And, the duration of the meeting was Carl and Desmond sharing their opinion that WU is a griefer group and they would not want their organizations to be used as leverage to make who they perceive to be bad people appear good.

[2009/08/21 22:17] Carl Metropolitan: It really upsets me.
[2009/08/21 22:18] Carl Metropolitan: I can’t do what Malkin Deckard suggested and “purge” people.

They pained over this…

[2009/08/21 22:29] Desmond Magic: well I am looking for a just, fair solution, I am not out to demonise the innocent


[2009/08/21 22:33] Carl Metropolitan: I can do one thing. I can quit.
[2009/08/21 22:33] Desmond Magic: we can all quit, Carl.
[2009/08/21 22:33] Imnotgoing Sideways: Oh great *%^&@!* all. (T_T)
[2009/08/21 22:33] Carl Metropolitan: Well. I’m considering it. I can’t purge the group.

[2009/08/21 23:05] Imnotgoing Sideways: If I quit WU… I will still be the villian presence in NCI… If I leave NCI, I might leave an unintentional wake of destruction. (>_<) [2009/08/21 23:05] Desmond Magic: shrugs. Immy, you may as well have people like you or not for who you are, rather than be influenced. [2009/08/21 23:06] Imnotgoing Sideways: I truly feel as though I'm in Catch-22. (>_<) [2009/08/21 23:06] Desmond Magic: we all are. this is how corrosive stuff like this is. [2009/08/21 23:18] Imnotgoing Sideways: To be fair... I might ask the question on my blog or the forum... Maybe SLU... I'm going to need multiple minds to help me decide what to do next. (>_<) [2009/08/21 23:18] Desmond Magic: by all means, public discourse is good. [2009/08/21 23:19] Gramma Fiddlesticks is Online [2009/08/21 23:19] Imnotgoing Sideways: It'll take me a while to word it carefully... But, that's my plan. (>_<) [2009/08/21 23:19] Carl Metropolitan: That sounds like a good one. [2009/08/21 23:19] Desmond Magic: it's a lot bigger than you, Immy. It's about NCI and new residents and what the several hundred in Caledon can expect of us. [2009/08/21 23:20] Desmond Magic: its' bigger than Carl and I too [2009/08/21 23:20] Linda Coffee: there has to be rules [2009/08/21 23:20] Desmond Magic: my biggest role is serving the interests of others, and not screwing up. [2009/08/21 23:20] Imnotgoing Sideways: Though... I'm split at what outlet to use... Main forums have guidelines that may be broken in asking the question... SLU is biased against Prok.. And, my blog following is slim, at best. (>_<)

An excerpt of the message from Carl:

I realize that NCI can’t operate if most or many of you resign. Quite frankly there are a number of people on the Board of Directors who are far more vital to NCI’s continued operation than I am. But if, as a group, you all choose to say “sorry Carl, we can’t go along with this”, then the Board needs to remove me as Executive Director of NCI.

In other words, either Woodbury goes, or I go.

I’m sorry. I wish I had something better.


[2009/08/27 19:44] Carl Metropolitan: I sent it to NCI, NCI Land Holdings, Caledon Oxbridge, and Caledon Oxbridge University group
[2009/08/27 19:45] Carl Metropolitan: I wanted to maximize the number of people who could resign in disgust.

And, for a while, they did…

And, the next morning, I did…

While I was at work, Carl did…

By the time I got home, the board of directors have already reconvened and were sending me teleport offers from the NCI server room.

NCI eventually turned into what it is today. With the guidance and trust of Gramma, Tateru, and Wellington. Along with the whole community; Classes still run, people still create, the group is still in the RHN program, and building & rebuilding is a daily occurrence.

Trust me or not, this is the way I saw things as they happened.

This is not rehearsed.

This is the truth as I see it.

“Immy, you may as well have people like you or not for who you are, rather than be influenced.” – Desmond (Shang) Magic

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