Get a what!? (O.o)

Get a life! That’s what! DX

Kinda came in one of the chat groups I’m in. Obviously a troll. Total newb account, didn’t wanna talk about anything… Was just after sniping people over the “life” they lack. Silly. (^_^)

So… What is this “life” thing I need to get? What would I have to do to get this “life” and what would I do after I got it? How do I know I don’t have a life. This is funky stuff. Is there some sort of recipe? I’m all confuzzled and stuff. (O.o)

Makes me all curious. (o.O)

I live alive in my life, but, what makes it ~A~ life? (O.o)

Is it monies? Got that. =^-^=

Is it my own place? Totally under control there. =^-^=

Hows about a job? Heh… I’m there right now, or here, or whatever. My keyboard at home is better anyway. DX

Hmmm… Car? I likes my car. Did a burnout at the freeway metering light this morning. =^-^=

I’m gonna have to work this out. What makes life a life? What does the troll thinks he has that I ain’t? (O.o)

Geh… Is this one of those things you need a slide rule for? (._.)

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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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4 Responses to Get a what!? (O.o)

  1. Ghosty Kips says:

    You’re thinking way too much. And giving the troll way too much credit. :)

  2. According to brinda Allen’s link, it appears that you need to move to your own unclaimed territory.

    Probably in space, since I don’t think there’s still any territory on Earth that’s unclaimed.

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