You’ve got a sexy back =^-^=

Or; Backs are back.  (^_^)

Or; Rogues do it from behind. (^_^)

Or; … Where am I going with this? (O.o)

Okay… =^-^=

I got IM’d by a friend last night wondering if I’d be interested in sticking myself in an art project.  I was all, attention and putting myself on display?  TOTALLY! XD

So, about an hour later I find myself in Gracie Kendal’s studio, surrounded by snapshots of various avatar backs… Each having a character all their own.  Some people are dancing, others are simply standing in their AO.  Clothing varied, so some were fully dressed while others were totally buck nakie. =^-^=

The project is called “The Usual Suspects” and you’ll find info about it on The Gracie Kendal Project blog.  Details on what she’s up to are there.  Take a look!  It’s a killer project. (^_^)

So, then, I was all OMG!! What do I wear!?!? DX

I started cycling through a frigg’n load of my outfits to find the most “Immy” one. What captures frigg’n Immy best?  GAH!  I’m walways wearing something different.  So, finally, I picked out going the same way as I did my profile picture.  Though… Not ~as~ topless. =^-^=

So, I’m now dressed in my black shinies and Gracie shows up.  We get our hello’s outta the way and get to snapp’n.  I found myself chatting with her while still Spacenav’n around the collection and just loving every minute of it. (^_^)

Then… WHASSAT?  Dude! She’s got a doll key in her back! XD

I’m like OMG! You gotta see my Glassie! XD

Y’all know Glassie, right?  Glass Gearz.  My masterpiece.  The most extreme skin mod I’ve ever made and the avatar I made with a single goal in mind… “White”. (^_^)

So, she got all interested and I brought my little Glassie inworld to meet her.  It didn’t take long for her to consider adding my little masterpiece to her collection.  So, 2-for-1 deal… I have TWO AV’s on display!  Here’s the shot of my Glassie!!! XD

All in all it was a blast.  Gracie was fun to chat with and it was quite clear that she was enjoying this project.  (^_^)

She’s still look’n for more AVs.  If you wanna include yourself, poke at her with an IM.  It’ll be WICKED! XD

Thanks Dale! (^_^)y

About Imnotgoing Sideways

I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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2 Responses to You’ve got a sexy back =^-^=

  1. Awwwwww Immy!!!!! That is soooo cool!!!!
    It was such a pleasure chatting with you too!!!
    And OMG when I saw Glass…. I didn’t hesitate… I knew she had to be part of the project :))

    And totally send your friends my way… I’d love to shoot them too :D


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