Tech Transitions. (^_^)

Things just kinda piled on. (O.o)

So… I find a post from someone, somewhere, talking about the new Kirsten’s client, S21(6) and I’m cool to try it out.  I’m always interested in new clients. (^_^)

So, I run it… And it defaults to shadows ON. (O.o)

… And I’m not lagging. (o.O)

… And I see shadows. (O.o)

… And I’m not lagging. (o.O)

… And it’s soooooooooooooo pretty! =^-^=

So, I’m all, okay this is good.  Lessee how buggy it is.  I run it for a week or so and I find myself hitting OpenGL driver crashes. (>_<)

But, these driver crashes coincide with me interacting with Firefox.  … Firefox 4 … Firefox 4 doesn’t feel right.  I’ve noticed it being laggy, crashy, the echofon plugin barely works.  It’s just Bleagh all over. (=_=)

Soooooo… I start using Chrome.  Move my bookmarks, passwords, and such over and so far so good… Or, at least, no more crashing. =^-^=

But…. Twitter…. Echofon…. I miss my real-time UI already. (._.)

Never fear!  I see a post by a friend being sent via this Seesmic Desktop thingy.  So, I go and take a peek.  Ooooh FREE!  No reason not to use that. =^-^=

And, yeah, it’s pretty wicked.  (^_^)

So, over the period of a week, I’ve transitioned to a new SL client, new browser, and new feed reader. =^-^=

If you wanna see why I’m so excited about Kirsten’s latest… Check it out here>> =^-^=

I suddenly feel sooooo fickle. (^_^)y


… But… Why nuu Plurk? (O.o)



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2 Responses to Tech Transitions. (^_^)

  1. Ashiri says:

    Curious that I have also been having issues with FF and had to go back to Chrome … but using a different OS. Also been using Seesmic but I also would like Plurk in there too.

  2. Jaelson Vita says:

    FF 4 Was ultra-crashy for me, particularly on my favourite sites.

    Started using Chrome. Then in FF I did Tools > Options > Privacy > Settings > Settings for Clearing History ; “When I quit firefox, it should automatically clear all:” . And then I ticked just “Cache”. Restart FF.

    After than it has been stable so far, and I usually run with 100+ tabs/windows open.


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