Does anyone remember laughter? (^_^)

Apparently Second Life does.  Yes, that’s right, Second Life… As in the self proclaimed self aware virtual world. (^_^)

It’s a nice little odd curiosity.  There’s no real way to know who’s posting on the account, but, It’s someone who is read other people’s tweets, re-tweets, and even respond.  Now, that’s the fun part. XD

I’ve even called upon the account to make public statements… Which.. It DID! (O.o)

If anything, this is a nice yet risky experiment in PR.  And, so far, it’s pretty fun! =^-^=

Take today.  I spotted people trending #SLBumperstickers and took a quick peek into it… Guess who triggered it?  Second Life! Xd

Pretty slick, I say.  I had me a good laugh reading everyone’s responses and writing a few of my own.  Lots of the top SL-Twitter names are in on the game.  And, as I’m writing this, it’s updating by a good dozen new posts a frigg’n minute! (^_^)

So, here I am, someone sulking in what’s been a rather “blah” week… month… whatever. (._.)

And, I get… “HONK ALL YOU WANT – I HAVE SOUNDS MUTED” scrolling by.  And… Ooh.. Hashtag! Xp

I been LAWLing ever since.  A buncha funny stuff is still streaming by. =^-^=

Taking something away from this, I guess I can say; Second Life, keep this up.  (^_^)

Really… It’s that simple. (^_^)

Second Life: You made people laugh and forget their problems.  Keep this up. (^_^)

Second Life: You’ve reached out to your customers in a way we could appreciate.  Keep this up. (^_^)

Second Life: You’ve shown your customers that you’re reading outside publications.  Keep this up. (^_^)

And, don’t just keep it up.  Expand on it.  Continue this activity inworld, on the forums, and in customer service.  Look into the difference between talking to people and talking at people.  (^_^)

Second Life succeeded in making a part of today a little more fun for a number of people.  This was a good thing.  My only request is that the Labbies continue in this direction.  Things have been heavy over the years.  There can’t be anything wrong with lightening up and helping people enjoy things.  (^_^)

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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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2 Responses to Does anyone remember laughter? (^_^)

  1. Emma Geraln says:

    Couldn’t agree more and thanks for adding to it! :)

  2. brinda Allen says:

    =^..^= Yup…Wizzy rather outdid herself
    RE: #SL bumperstickers

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