Can someone tell me where I went wrong here?

This is the one person who responded positively to the letter I sent last week.
I was in Eve, looking at my character sheet, noticing that the corp I’m in is owned by one of the people who have totally blacked me out.  So, I go to Gtalk…
5:16 PM me: Hi.
  Does the corporation in Eve get used for anything anymore?
5:17 PM Kei: No, but Honoka worked hard to make it
 me: Honoka doesn’t like me anymore.
5:18 PM So far, you and Ayame have been the only ones to respond. You’re the only positive response.
5:22 PM Would it be better for me to stay in the corporation or leave it? I don’t know Honoka’s preference since she refuses to speak to me.
 Kei: Up to you
5:24 PM me: If it were up to me, we’d all be gathered at my place and sharing latex/pvc outfit ideas.
5:25 PM I’ve had the biggest problem with that phrase. Half the time being told I only think of myself and the other half being told “It’s up to you”.
5:26 PM In the end, I’m always the bad/selfish/abusive one.
 Kei: So, in the past week, you’ve deteriorated from sharing kitten and panda videos with me to once again doing nothing but blathering about drama
  Go back and read logs, you’ll see what I mean
5:27 PM I’m not going to be your therapist, I have my own problems
  And I’m tired of being dragged into them
 me: You just caused it. I’M the one draged in by your “Up to you”.
 Kei: Then leave
5:28 PM By the way, I’m not the cause of your problems
  And I’m not about to become a scapegoat again
**At this point, I was put on ignore.
Where did I go wrong?

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3 Responses to Can someone tell me where I went wrong here?

  1. Dale Innis says:

    I think it was the reaction to “Up to you”. This person is clearly kinda sensitive to any hint of drama :) so it prolly would have been more politic to say “oh, thanks, what’re you up to in Eve lately?” rather than diving into why “Up to you” made you feel bad…

    My guess, anyway. :)

  2. Maggie says:

    I think I’m missing what it is that the phrase “it’s up to you” actually means to you, Immy.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      I wanted to know what my friends preferred. It’s a push-pull thing that I’ve been having to deal with. Half the time, I’m being called selfish for making decisions without keeping their wishes in mind. The other half, I put extra effort to ask them for their wishes only to get the response “It’s up to you.” It’s not the first time I’ve been told that. It’s a catch-22 I’ve had to deal with where I have to care what my friends think, but, I’m not allowed to know. I’m left caring for a spectre of thought and my own idea of what they prefer… Then get told their preference after the fact.

      It’s frustrating. It puts me in a place where I can’t manage. It’s a mixed message that prohibits me from doing something they won’t complain about. Then, it’s my fault when they complain.

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