A bit of a promotion (^_^)

During the last NCI staff meeting I attended a few people IMed me suggesting I could volunteer to be the senior land officer for Infonodes.  What that would mean is care and feeding for all of NCI’s remote locations.  Things like updating the notecard givers, keeping the appearance up to par, and even creating new builds for any additional nodes that may come our way. (^_^)

This week, I’ve gained access to NCI Alchemi and worked on a couple tasks.  One being an update of the SL Info boards with the new 2-prim version.  Lower lag FTW!  Another being a makeover for her.  Ain’t no way I’m gonna hop around the grid without being teh cutenezz. =^-^=

NCI's Gruesome Twosome =^-^=

There she is… All shorter than me and everything. =^-^=

Now that both Docklands and Mosh have been updated, I’m putting my sights on Moosehead.  Like Docklands, it’s a Bay City region and would be best suited to be some sort of art-deco build.  Add, it’s a street side lot.  I’m thinking “Gas Station”… No? =^-^=

I’ll get to stepp’n on that over the next couple weeks.  All in all, I’m still having a blast volunteering for NCI.  There’s always something to do, I continue to have fun helping people, and now I get to contribute with builds and real land maintenance. (^_^)

Fill’er up? (^_^)y

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  2. Ferd says:

    Don’t forget Alchemi has my translator dispenser! Over 95K out there now

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      Oh, serious? Makes me wonder why there ain’t more copies at the infonodes. (O.o)

      I guess it’s another ploy of ours to keep traffic coming to Kuula. (^_^)

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