Okay, here’s a picture I ain’t seen in a ve~e~e~e~e~e~ry long time. (O.o)

no images were found

SEARCH!  And my web profile! XD

M-kay… Here’s the thing.  =^-^=

Thanks to Keanu Ronwood here:::

He pointed out that the problem was likely due to Bigfoot’s network manager app.  So, relocate a copy of the app folder, uninstall, then only re-install the drivers. (o.o)

Now, I’m not sure if this is negatively affecting anything else, but, SEARCH!! XD

So, add this to the list of things-to-try if you’ve been dealing with no search/no web on prim/no web profiles… Whatever.  (-_-)

I use the Killer Xeno.  Not recalling so much, but, I did do some driver updates back around the time the problems started.  (O.o)

Hmmmm… I wonder if I still have the beta drivers… (o.O)


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1 Response to SEARCH! GLORIOUS SEARCH!!! \(^o^)/

  1. Darcyblue says:

    omg ! you had tha tproblem for probley a year now or so and now look! all better! woo! congratz!

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