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LL and Ozimals sitt’n in a tree… =^-^=

K-I-S-S-F-I-C! (^x^) Heh… What-up wit dat? So, Ozimals got FIC enough to earn their spot on the SL Email spam list? Geh… I want my store in there. Or, at least a MOTD. Can I moon everyone at login? XD(_*_) … Continue reading

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A loss in the family… (._.)

We just got word this morning that my brother-in-law in Viet Nam passed away. He has had cancer for the past year and has finally succumbed to the disease. (._.) He was the family technician and computer geek over there. … Continue reading

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Frigg’n Immy’s New Frigg’n site!! (^_^)

Well, here I am now.  I got my own bloody host, my own bloody domain name, and I rule the roost!!! Muahahahahahahaaaaaaa~*COUGH*!! (^o^) I’m probably gonna migrate the Google/Blogger stuff here.  Either way, this is where I’ll post from now … Continue reading

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